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Our Donation:

We are delighted to report that we raised $2,600 in our "Fight for the Ukraine" Auction. We split that donation equally between 2 organizations:

IFAW: International Fund for Animal Welfare

Click on the links above to see some news on their websites about their efforts to help the Ukraine.

A Fight for Freedom!

The Croton River Artisans Gallery wishes to raise funds to support Ukraine in their battle for sovereignty and survival. We will be holding a silent auction of wares crafted for this purpose, and a  portion of the sales will go to help this cause.

Proceeds will be split between World Central Kitchen and
International Fund for Animal Welfare. The auction opening event will be held June 18, and the closing event will be July 17. Both events will feature music!

Auction bids can be made throughout this time.

Gwenveria Sargeant

Keith Gordon

Jeff Thornton

Opening Weekend:

4:00 - 8:00 Mitch Cohen

SUNDAY, June 19

12:00 - 2:00 Mitch Cohen

Mitch Cohen
     Mitch, a native New Yorker born in Manhattan, has been playing guitar and bass since the age of four. His styles encompass many forms and include classical guitar. In addition, he has performed with numerous bands spanning a wide variety of genres including blues, jazz, rock, metal, reggae, funk, and improv. Recently he has focused on classical guitar as an atmospheric instrument, performing at art galleries, wine tasting events, craft fairs, dinner venues, weddings, and many others. His music provides an ambience that is non-intrusive and acts as an atmospheric backdrop.  
       Mitch also has an extensive background as an audio engineer, acoustical designer, and jingle writer for T.V. and radio. He has assisted many venues in creating a more pleasant-sounding environment conducive to live music.  
He currently resides in Westchester, NY with his wife Debbie and four cats, Moe, Thor, Lamisse, and Velma.

Fundraiser Continues
during regular gallery hours

Saturday, July 2
4:00 - 6:00 - Marcus Da Silva

Sunday, July 10
2:00 - 4:00 - Marcus Da Silva


Jennifer Larrabee

Jennifer Rutheny

Sharon Kullberg

Tracy Platero

Marcus V. G. Da Silva
       Marcus began his life in music as a young classical guitarist in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. Influenced by a vibrant mix of Brazilian folk music, pop and rock, he soon added bass and twelve-string guitar to his repertoire. In 1988, after moving to New York, Marcus became the bassist for local alternative rock group Seven Days. A year later, Marcus and Seven Days’ lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Stu Rollings formed The Politix (later called Site Unseen) performing at many venues in the New York area, including Kenny’s Castaways, The Bitter End, The Marquee and CBGB’s.
       Over the next few years, Marcus taught guitar and bass, worked in graphic design, and immersed himself in the formal study of music and performing arts at Westchester Community College and SUNY Purchase. He became an active member of the WCC Jazz Ensemble and Music Club. He joined many fellow students from both colleges in live performances at venues ranging from NYC night clubs to Westchester street fairs and farmers’ markets. Most recently, Marcus has been performing solo gigs in his new hometown of Ossining. From Rio to Ossining, classical to Brazilian pop, alt-rock and jazz, Marcus DaSilva remains dedicated to musical excellence, discipline, smplicity and discernment.

Guest Artist Asya Reznikov

Tsui Yuen-Pappas

More Music and Bidding Wrap-Up

SUNDAY, July 17

Gallery opens at 11:00 a.m.

1:30 - 2:30
Kristen Mather de Andrade & Caesar Garabini

3:00 - 5:00
Marcus Da Silva



AnnMarie Sasso

Orit Daly

Guest Artist Su Phong

Guest Artist Tom Smith

Kristen Mather de Andrade
     Eclectic virtuosic clarinetist Kristen Mather de Andrade had reached a career milestone in being years into a full-time prestigious position with the West Point Band when she had a seismic artistic epiphany. After playing a program of Brazilian music on a livestream, she decided it was time to record her full-length debut album, aptly-titled Clarão which translates from Portuguese to mean “flash of light.”  Kristen’s breezy vocals and her soulfully dexterous clarinet playing are a joy.
      Kristen has an impressive teaching resume that includes a private studio of  high school students, master classes, and professional clinics at institutions such as Columbia University Teachers College, Bard, Montclair University, Westchester Conservatory of Music, University of Kentucky, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Indiana University at Bloomington, and Kent State University. Presently, she is on faculty at Manhattanville College teaching clarinet, and saxophone.

Guest Artist Ketti Hoefel North

Orit Daly

Guest Artist Arlene Tift

Guest Artist Eleanor Kwei

Caesar Garabini
       Born in 1987 in Minas Gerais, Cesar Garabini is an Italian-Brazilian 7-string guitarist that specializes in Choro, the predecessor to the well known Brazilian music styles Samba and Bossa Nova. Music became his passion at the first sound of the guitar. At 13 while walking home from school he saw two musicians playing classical guitar and it inspired him to take lessons.
       A citizen of the world, Cesar has lived in the Brazil, Italy, and the United States, each influenced his playing and growth as a musician, teacher and performer. In 2009 Cesar started putting together Samba, Bossa Nova and Chorinho bands, performing in Florence and other regions of Italy. In 2011 he moved to New York City to expand his musical knowledge.
       In the past 7 years he has performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Jazz Standard, Birdland, Columbia University, the Museum of Modern Art, with a monthly residence at Barbes. He has worked with Anat Cohen, Olli Soikkeli and Tim Connell.


Sharon Kullberg

Jennifer Rutheny

Guest Artist Karen Timko

Jennifer Larrabee

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