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These are the core artisans who have jointly collaborated to bring a beautiful concept to life. We stand as equal partners in this endeavor as we believe  in the spirit that this area has become known for. You will always find highlights of our better works here as you would in any gallery; from a variety of mediums and each is of the highest quality & creativity. Items will change as pieces are purchased. We want you to enjoy our work and we hope to inspire you. This is a Makers space.

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Ceramics Artist

Orit Daly is a Potter living in Croton-on-Hudson, New York with her husband, and two children.  She makes functional everyday items that bring the beauty of the natural world into your home.  She seeks to reflect the flora and fauna in her own surroundings in the Hudson Valley of New York. She shows her work publicly in local craft shows and sells in shops around Westchester County, NY. Orit currently makes her pottery at the Peekskill Clay Studio in Peekskill, New York.

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Ceramic Artist

Keith Gordon is a second-generation ceramic artist who has been making sculptures and functional ware since 1971. Keith works in his Ossining, NY studio and manages Cedar Lane Arts Center ceramics program where he teaches adult classes. Keith is an officer of Hudson River Potters and the Ossining Arts Council and a member of the Croton Council On the Arts.

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Painter, Jeweler

While attending University in rural DeKalb, Illinois, Sharon earned a Bachelor of Art Studio, where she fell in love with landscapes of undulating cornfields and breathtaking skies. She received a Masters of Art in Painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY which was wonderfully all buildings & noise.Her work can be found in collections as far away as Germany. For jewelry, Sharon hand selects stones such as labradorite, amazonite and pearls and combines them with silver and copper into beautiful wearable art.

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Illustrator and Painter

Eleanor Kwei is a pen&ink artist and graphic designer, with a BFA in Illustration. She worked in the publishing industry, designing and illustrating non-fiction books in Arts & Crafts for general readers. Returning to her illustration roots, Eleanor is proud to have a portfolio of illustrated private estate maps of townships, farms, and private homes.


Born in Athens, Greece to diplomat parents, a childhood living on four continents enabled her an outsider’s power of observation. Eleanor's extensive knowledge of classical art styles and traditional techniques, and an understanding of cultures and attitudes readily lends itself to any project that requires a sensitive and respectful approach to show case an estate, from broad outline to the finest detail.

Please contact Eleanor with any inquiries, discussions or exchanges, at 917-202-0080.   Website:

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Photographer, Ceramicist, Visual Artist

Art is a place that I go to find sanity and joy. My recent adventure has been working with clay. Painting on it and carving designs, hands on sensory experience, imagining what colors and textures feel right. What excites me is that the possibilities of what you can create are endless. I love to play in the mud! Photography allows me to capture art and the designs that are all around me with the magical touch of one finger.

I am an explorer. Searching for a medium a form, material, color and a place to bring and share my discoveries.

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Fashion Designer

I am an experienced fashion designer who creates original, artistic, one of a kind pieces of art to wear, and accessories, under the F.A.I.T.H. Designs Inc label.

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Homesteader, Woodworker

AnnMarie works at a nonprofit organization helping youth meet their maximum potential by connecting them with Nature and its therapeutic healing. Combining her creative artisan vision with her love for nature, AnnMarie repurposes unwanted lumber into beautiful furnishings.  AnnMarie sits on various boards and is a 4H Leader volunteering much of her time working with youth and agricultural outreach.

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Jeff Thornton is a painter, musician and graphic designer living with his family in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. He is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Queens College of the City University of New York. Jeff studies the light, geometry and movement of the natural world; his paintings are inspired by the trails, trees, rivers and skies of Croton.

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